Taxback Australia – Terms & Conditions.

1. Taxback Australia is the registered trading name of Nikki Wildman, Registered Tax Agent Number 25518730

2. Taxback Australia will endeavour to obtain the maximum legal refund/s due to the client based on the information and documentation provided by the client. The client acknowledges that the final refund amount is determined only by the Australian Taxation Office, and that ATO interpretations or implementations in taxation law may affect the refund.

3.Completion of the online application form authorises Taxback Australia to prepare and lodge your Australian tax return(s). Upon submission of the application form  the client is bound by these terms & conditions, and agrees to pay the fee as agreed. The submission of an application to Taxback Australia by fax/online/post/e-mail or in person, constitutes the same agreement.

4. Taxback Australia will submit  tax refunds for all employment submitted on the application form, or indicated by ATO records. The client agrees that multiple returns or amendments may be lodged for all due years, and that each return incurs a separate fee.

5. Taxback Australia accepts no liability for a refund where:

a.Information or documentation supplied by a client is inaccurate, incomplete, false, or misleading in any way.

b.The client has already received a refund

c. The client has applied through another agency, intentional or otherwise.

d. The ATO information does not match submitted information on the return

e. The client owes money to the ATO

f. An ATO decision or ruling leads to no refund being given.

g. Previous returns have been subject to an ATO decision or ruling that lead to no refund being given.

h. The client makes contact with the ATO directly, without prior consultation with Taxback Australia.

6. Taxback Australia accepts no liability for any tax office initiated reviews and/or amendments as a result of incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the client, and in this event, reserves the right to decide not to pursue the refund further.

7. In the event of part, or no refund being issued to Taxback Australia due to, but not limited to, the factors above, the client agrees that the full fee remains payable to Taxback Australia by bank transfer or cash, for services rendered.

8. The client understands that Taxback Australia will include a Medicare Exemption as part of a tax return for all clients from a country with no reciprocal agreement with Medicare. This will be included if the client has indicated so on their application, or if the tax agent deems it a claimable item when preparing the return. The client agrees to obtain a Medicare Exemption certificate from Medicare Australia to substantiate this claim, and to retain this certificate for a period of 2 years.

9.Taxback Australia will treat all information supplied by the client with confidentiality, and will destroy documentation within 5 years. The client understands that Taxback Australia is required to supply information to the ATO and or relevant authority when requested within this time frame. The client agrees that upon ceasing to act as their authorised agent, Taxback Australia will update ATO correspondence records to the last known residential address of the client, as submitted on their application form.

10. The client agrees to monitor and act on all incoming e-mails from Taxback Australia, as the main form of communication between Taxback Australia and the client to the e-mail address supplied upon application. The client agrees to regularly check junk mail folders, and to clear their inbox regularly, regularly being twice a week.

11. When paying a refund, Taxback Australia will transfer the return, minus the fee, to the bank details specified by the client in writing on the application form. Taxback Australia accepts no liability for rejected payments due to incorrect bank details being supplied by the client, and will endeavour to contact the client and re-pay to a suitable account.

12.Taxback Australia accepts no responsibility for, and has no control over, charges applied by local receiving or correspondent banks.

13. The Tax Refund Estimate tool online is for estimation purposes only. The final refund amount is determined by the figures and information supplied on the actual application and documentation, and the decisions made by the ATO.

14. Advertised tax return lead times are obtained from official ATO service periods. Whilst the ATO endeavour to process returns within these lead times, this is not always achievable. Whilst Taxback Australia can follow ATO procedures to escalate returns, we are not able to influence the processing times of the ATO and accept no responsibility for returns that exceed the expected service period.

15. Taxback Australia accepts no responsibility for mail received on behalf of a client, that is not in direct relation to a tax or superannuation refund in progress at that time.

16.Taxback Australia Fees:

a.Basic Tax Refund –  $180

b. Complex Tax Refund preparation – Sole Traders, Early Assessments, Amendments, Expenses above $300, investments, share portfolios, Travel deduction schedules etc. – an individual quote will be provided depending on the complexity of the return. Usually an additional charge of $40-$80

c. International transfers $40  

17. These terms & conditions may be subject to additions or amendments when necessary. Changes will be posted via our website, the client is advised to check this regularly.