What we Offer

  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Small Business/Sole Trader Tax Returns
  • Amended Returns – Review of your already lodged return or amendment to a lodged return
  • Prior Year/Overdue Tax Returns
  • Student or young person tax returns
  • Non residents or working visa tax returns.

Minimal Fuss, Maximum Refund.

We get it, and we are here to help. At Taxback Australia our aim is to get your return done for you with minimal fuss and maximum refund. We’ll talk to you like  normal human being (because that’s what we’d expect ourselves)

We charge one flat fee with no percentage charges, and because we operate on a fee from refund basis, there’s no upfront cost to you.

Our process

Lodging a tax return with Taxback Australia goes a little something like this:

1. Get your details together.  – Employers now send your end of year Payment Summary electronically to the ATO, so you may not receive a physical copy of it. They may e-mail it to you, or we can access it online once we have your application.

2. Include all other income – It’s not just what you’ve earned in your job that is classed as income. Other declarable income includes interest from bank accounts, share dividends, ABN (self employed) work, etc. Consult our tax return checklist for more information.

3. Apply for a free estimate – If you’d like to know what your refund will be before you commit to lodge, then fill in our free, no obligation, estimate calculator.

4. Complete our easy online application form This gives us all the information we need to lodge your tax return.

5. Deductions – include in your application, details of any deductions you want to claim. Deductions work by reducing your taxable income, meaning you pay less tax. (and get a bigger refund) you’ll need receipts for anything over a total amount of $300. The basic rule with deductions is that it must be something you have had to spend, in order to be able to do your job.

6. E-mail your Payment Summaries (PAYG’s) and any other relevant documents to admin@taxbackaustralia.com.

7. We work our magic – we’ll prepare your return to include all the deductions, offsets, and rebates you are entitled to. We’ll even think about things you may have forgotten or may not be aware that you can claim.

8. We’ll lodge your return – We lodge all current year returns electronically, using the new ATO SBR lodgement system.. This means it’s immediately uploaded onto the ATO systems at their end for quicker processing.

9. The ATO do their stuff – the normal ATO processing time for a current year return is 2 weeks. They can however, take longer than this if more information is required, or if they need to check parts of your return. They reserve the right to take up to 30 days to process a return. Previous year returns, Multiple returns, amendments, or high value refunds can be subject to additional checks and take longer.

10. Your refund is issued. As your nominated tax agent, we receive your refund on your behalf from the ATO. We then deduct our fee, and pay the rest to you. We don’t charge any fees for transfers to Australian banks.

11. You spend your tax refund. You could be sensible, and buy some new sheets, or put it into a savings account. OR you could blow the lot on a holiday to The Maldives to stay in one of those fancy floating hotel room thingies with a glass bottom bath and rose petals all over your bed and a personal butler to bring you cocktails all day and…….sorry, we got carried away.