Individual Tax Returns

Please complete our online application form, or contact us with your queries on your individual tax return.

What information do we need from you?

The Tax Agent Portal is an online system we have access to, that collates your income from sources such as your employers, banks, and centrelink. The details on this system however rely on the information being promptly sent and uploaded by the ATO, and as such it is not always possible to gain accurate information online. You will need documentation to support your tax return and income.


  • Payment Summaries (PAYG) – We are usually able to access these for you on your ATO account.
  • Interest statements from banks – We are usually able to access this for you online on your ATO account
  • Government Payments such as Newstart, Paid Parental Leave, etc (downloadable via MyGov or we may be able to access for you)
  • Dividend Statements for dividends received
  • Annual tax statements from managed funds
  • Self Employment – ABN sole trader income. – See Small Business/Sole Trader returns
  • Other income – Rental Property, Investments, Capital Gains, Employee share schemes


  • Work related expenses
  • Uniform – allowable for protective clothing, occupation specific clothing or compulsory logo clothing.
  • Travel – for travel within business hours, for work purposes.
  • Motor Vehicle claims – cents per km method or logbook
  • Courses, education, & professional development, subscriptions, memberships or union fees.
  • Tools, stationery & materials
  • Phone, internet or work from home costs.

Offsets & rebates

  • Private health insurance statements – We may be able to access this information on your behalf.
  • Medicare Exemption certificates – required if you are not entitled to receive Medicare Benefits within Australia.

Please contact us if you have any queries about documentation required for your refund.